Rév and Partners Gas Industrial Trading Ltd.

True Partner in Pressure

Valves for high pressure gas cylinders

Whether as an accessory of the high pressure gas cylinders delivered by us or a product in itself, we offer to our partners a wide range of high pressure valves from our stock in Hungary, with quick delivery.

We are distributing and mounting the products of the most recognized European manufacturers: Cavagna, GCE, Rotarex, VTI.

A small extract of our product range:

  • SCUBA valves
  •  Industrial valves
    • ammonia valve
    • argon valve
    • helium valve
    • hydrogen valves
    • calibration gas valve
    • sulfur-dioxide valve
    • compressed air valve
    • nitrogen valve
    • oxygen valve
    • carbon-dioxide valve
  • food industrial valves
    • carbon-dioxide valve
  • medical valves
    • nitrous oxide valve
    • compressed air valve
    • oxygen valve
    • carbon dioxide valve
  • SCBA valves (for breathing apparatus)
    • Excess Flow Valves
    • Valves with manometer


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