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Industrial speciality gas cylinders

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders, offers the broadest range of high-quality, high-performance industrial and specialty gas cylinders, including the world’s largest all-aluminum cylinders.

With an unmatched record for safety and performance, Luxfer cylinders provide ideal containment for a broad range of rare gas, specialty gas and high-purity gas mixture applications, including gases used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic products, in which maintaining gas purity and stability is essential. Cylinders are also available for containment of welding and cutting gases, as well as a wide variety of other industrial applications.

Luxfer industrial and specialty gas cylinders are available in two basic types: L6X all-aluminum cylinders and higher-strength L7X all-aluminium alloy extra-light cylinders.

L6X® aluminum cylinder

Our L6X all-metal cylinders are manufactured from our exclusive L6X aluminium alloy, our proprietary formula of 6061 alloy.Luxfer metallurgists have o

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L7X® aluminum cylinder

L7X® cylinders—In Europe and Australia, Luxfer also offers industrial and specialty gas cylinders made from Luxfer’s higher-strength L7X® (7000-series

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L7X® hoop-wrap aluminium industrial cylinders

Available in Europe and Australia, Luxfer hoop-wrapped cylinders consist of a thick, damage-resistant aluminum liner made from Luxfer’s L7X® alloy (se

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