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Gas Cylinder Refurbishment

The Rév and Partners Gas Industrial Trading Ltd. funded its cylinder inspection and refurbishment plant in Csongrád (southern Hungary) in 2006. Currently, we are proud to have one of the biggest and most modern plant of Europe. During last years, cylinder inspection and refurbishment became one of the core activities of our company. We are cooperating with prestigious companies as Air Liquide, BM Heros, Dräger, Linde, Messer, MSA, Siad or Spirooptic. In 2017 we inspected and refurbished 60 000 cylinders, for 2018 we are planning 75 000.

Please, let us present you the most important steps of the inspection and refurbishment process of cylinders.

Receipt of cylinders

The first important step is the quantity and quality control of the receipt cylinders. During the process each cylinder receives a unique bar code to which one all the jobs and inspections will be linked in our specially developed cylinder management software (CMS).It is an important criterion as well that we cannot accept cylinders filled with dangerous, corrosive gases. The delivered cylinders have to be empty, without any residual pressure.


In this phase of the refurbishment process the following jobs are done:

  • cleaning of the neck of cylinder for better readability
  • control of residual pressure
  • control of clogged valves
  • devalving
  • weighting
  • preliminary selection
  •  controls with calibration tools
  • control of the thread of the cylinders and the thread of the collars
  • administration in our cylinder management software (CMS)

For the trustworthiness of the processes it is imperative to have all the measuring and calibration tools properly registered and regularly inspected.

The result of the preliminary selection determines the future of the cylinders in the flow of processes:

  •  Return to sender
    • These are typically cylinders stamped with the names or shields of owners different to the sender
  • Scrap
    • All cylinders that has to be scrapped based on the criteria of the CMS (for example due to weight loss) or the judgement of our administrator. All these cylinders are to be stored separately after the destruction. (Thread and neck cut)
  • Refurbishment jobs
    • Typically the replacement of cylinder collar or devalving of broken valves.
  • Step to next phase
    • The cylinder steps to the default next phase of the process. 

Stamping of cylinders

Stamping and modification (for example weight) of data on the neck of cylinders.

Hydrostatic pressure test

For the time being we inspect the cylinders with hydrostatic pressure test up to a maximum 500 bar.

After the pressure test the cylinders are dried and their interior are visually inspected in order to guarantee proper drying.

Internal shot blasting

If it is ordered by the notified body or requested by the customer the internal surface is cleaned by shot blasting with automatic and half-automatic machinery up to an SA3 surface quality.

Inspection by notified body

The cylinders are grouped based on the individual bar codes with the help of tablets and bar code readers. The possible extra jobs this way can be directly assigned in our CMS to the unique bar code of the cylinders.

The result of the periodical inspection and the possible changes in the status of the cylinders are directly registered in our CMS as well.

The process of periodic inspection is finished by the creation of official test reports.

Automated paint system on conveyor track

After the periodic inspection of the notified body the cylinders are grouped by colors. The barcode of the cylinders is read and all the necessary data is forwarded to the automated paint system (material, colors, unique identifiers, job number). The diameter and the length of the cylinders are controlled and from this point the painting is done automatically, only with minimal user action. The cylinders are followed on an individually during the whole process. The painting jobs done are registered in the system and the conveyor line transfer all the date to our CMS where it is paired with the unique bar code numbers. Each step and information can be tracked back in our system. The capacity of the paint system is 1 cylinder/minute.

Shot blasting

With our shot blasting system we can reach an SA2,5 quality surface cleanliness which guarantee the quality and durability of the paint. The quality of shot blasting is regularly checked.


Aluminum cylinders – due to maximum allowed temperature – and smaller quantities of unique colors are painted with 2 components water-based paint. The drying process of this paint does not require temperatures over 70 degrees that would exceed the resistance of aluminum cylinders. The two components paint ensures quick drying and toughness, independently from weather conditions. On the water-based painting line we are working with high pressure painting technology and digitally controlled component mixture technology.

In case of steel cylinders, we use the most resistant powder paint. The thickness of the dry paint is around 70 microns. The drying time and temperature is registered and controlled by our CMS.

The result of our high-quality painting technology is a very thick and durable paint which increases the esthetical quality of the cylinders and prolongs the repainting cycle.

On the last lap

After the removal of the cylinders from the painting line we apply a very strict quality control, we measure the paint thickness, control the internal surface of the cylinders. The valves are mounted with controlled and registered torque values.

The end of the process is packing and administration.

Company History

Our company has been supplying gas cylinders since‭ ‬1990‭ ‬and,‭ ‬as a result,‭ ‬we have established strong ties with key players in the market,‭ ‬including gasworks.‭

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Types of cylinders tested

In the course of our activity we have encountered a large variety of cylinders.‭ ‬We provide periodic inspection for cylinders which‭ ‬meet the Hungarian standard,‭ ‬and cylinders which conform‭ ‬to the‭ TPED ‬(PI or Epsilon marked cylinders‭)‬.‭

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Areas of application

Medical, SCBA, SCUBA, Beverage‭ ‬-‭ ‬Food industry cylinders and Industral cylinders

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