Rév and Partners Gas Industrial Trading Ltd.

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TR CU 032 (TR TS 032) certificates

TR CU 032 (TR TS 032) certificates which entitles our company to import and sell gas cylinders manufactured by Luxfer Gas Cylinders to the states of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation, Kazahstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kirgizistan.

AA6061 alloy high pressure seamless aluminium gas cylinders from 0,5 to 50 litres water capacity. Desighn life: 50 years.

AA7060 alloy high pressure seamless lighweight aluminium gas cylinders with a design life of 60 years.

Composite cylinders with aluminium liner and fully carbon fibre reinforced, 300 bar service pressure, water capacity 2 and 6,8-6,9 litres, design life is 20 years.


We provide all the obligatory documents according to TR TS 032, passport for each cylinder, safety document, user manual.