Rév Gas Industries Ltd.

True Partner in Pressure
  • András Rév founded Rév and Partners Trading Ltd. Trading with steel sheet/tube products, high pressure gas cylinders, industrial refrigerators and customized machinery products on divisional basis.

  • RÉV became the exclusive representative and distributor of Luxfer Gas Cylinders for seamless high pressure aluminium and composite gas cylinders. Consignment stock agreement with Luxfer. Built up partnership with the major valve and pressure reducer manufacturers.

  • Purchase of RÉV current head office in Budapest, street Kőbányai 49. and start its renovation.

  • Foundation of the Czech daughter company in Prague.

  • Foundation of the Polish daughter company in Warsaw.

  • Foundation of the Russian daughter company in Moscow.

  • Foundation of the Romanian daughter company first in Targu Mures, then in Cluj. Divisons of the company had been transformed to separate companies, namely Rév and Partners Gas Industrial Ltd.

  • Luxfer introduce its patented L7X® higher-strength aluminum alloy in Europe (AA7060). The alloy is first used to make ultra-lightweight medical gas cylinders.

  • Launch of Microsoft Navision Dynamics management system. RÉV found and opened its cylinder refurbishing plant in Csongrád, Hungary. Luxfer started pruduction of carbon fibre fully wrapped 300 bar composite cylinders in its French factory in Gerzat which has made us possible to get European cylinders delivered to our SCBA customers instead of the US.

  • ISO 9001 certificate.

  • Plant development in a worth of 800 000 EUR.

  • RÉV get the right to make periodical gas cylinder inspection (Technicka Inspekcija).

  • Luxfer introduces its exclusive SGS™ (Superior Gas Stability) aluminum cylinder internal surface for specialty gas applications in which gas purity and stability are critical.

  • Plant development of 1 000 000 EUR for modernization of shot blasting, powder painting and testing technology to improve our service level and increase annual capacity up to 220 000 pieces of cylinders. ISO 14001 certificate.

  • TR CU 032 certificate for 6,8 and 6,9 litres 300 bar fully wrapped carbon composite cylinders for the Custom Union of Russia, Kazahstan, Belarus, Armenia and Tadjikistan replacing the former GOST R.

  • TR CU 032 certificate for 2 litres 300 bar fully wrapped carbon composite cylinders and the lighter weight L7X aluminium alloy gas cylinders for the Custom Union of Russia, Kazahstan, Belarus, Armenia and Tadjikistan.

  • Launch of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) manufactured by Precision Medical (USA) and distributed by Luxfer in Europe.

  • 1 000 000 EUR development in Csongrád plant for refurbishment and retesting of bundels and acetylen cylinders as well as for assembling of CNG bus systems.