Rév and Partners Gas Industrial Trading Ltd.

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Manufacturing Processes

All-aluminum cylinders

A hydraulic ram presses and shapes a solid aluminum billet into a hollow shell, the open top of which is closed and threaded. The newly formed cylinde

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Hoop-wrapped composite cylinders

These cylinders consist of an all-aluminum inner cylinder or “liner” capable of holding the same pressure as a comparably-sized all-aluminum cylinder.

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Full-wrapped composite cylinders

 Luxfer-manufactured lightweight aluminum liner is fully wrapped with layers of fiber in a strong, impact-resistant epoxy resin matrix. Fiber (ty

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Masks, gloves and other medicinal equipments

Which Masks Actually Protect Against Coronavirus? How to Choose the Right Face Mask to Protect Yourself From Haze? Reuse of Disposable Medical Masks During Flu Pandemic.

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