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EKC's range of MEDICAL cylinders

EKC medical gas cylinders comply with stringent national and international standards, and we take special care to ensure that they have smooth, clean internal surfaces to prevent contaminants from being trapped in them.

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EKC's range of medical cylinders

EKC manufactures a wide range of cylinders specifically designed for industrial gases, medical, food and beverage and fire protection equipment industries. EKC high pressure cylinders are preferred worldwide for their quality, aesthetic looks as well as the flexibility to match any kind of specifications.

EKC high pressure cylinders adhere to the most stringent regulations, both national and international and are manufactured according to ISO 9809-1 & ISO 9809-2,PED 97/23/EC, TPED (2010/35/EU), ISO 9809-3,IS 7285, EN-1964 and any other international standard.

At EKC, their aim is to fulfill all customer expectations providing solutions for all their needs. This leaflet provides the customer with information of the most popular cylinders meant for various industrial applications. Further information and intricate details will be provided on request.

Why choose EKC?

EKC has widest products range & provides one stop shop with most competitive prices with ready availability or committed delivery schedule.

Some of the Applications of EKC Modules

  • Use for Oxygen
  • Use for Carbon Dioxide
  • Use for Nitrogen
  • Use for Nitrous Oxide