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Respiratory disorders

There are many illnesses that can occur during our life and which require oxygen supply. When respiratory failure or difficulty occurs due to our illness, the physician may recommend the patient to oxygen therapy after a medical examination.

Oxygen therapy contributes to increasing the amount of oxygen circulating in the blood, thereby providing the body with the necessary amount of oxygen, which can significantly reduce a high number of symptoms caused by the disease (shortness of breath, difficulty of breath, sense of discomfort, quality of life problems, loss of physical activity, sleep disorders).

Depending on the patient’s symptoms and needs, alternatives are available to provide extra oxygen or oxygen therapy:

Central wall oxygen

We can meet this form in healthcare institutions. In the hospital room, next to the beds, a small connector in the wall, so-called centrally, supplies oxygen to the in-patients. 

Oxygen supply: 

  • continuous


  • never runs out
  • supported by social insurance


  • the patient is stationary