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The daily (sedentary) work of our today’s rushing life involved little physical strain. Mobility is also a kind of biological need, but its many other beneficial effects are known, as well. Mentioning only the most important examples, movement - by increasing the oxygen uptaking ability - has a beneficial effect on the immune system, the nervous system, the brain capacity, the blood vessels of the heart and the overall condition of the body. As a counterexample of this, due to the sedentary lifestyle, a particularly high number of illnesses, pains and problems may occur. 

At the same time, however, while doing physical exercise, the body uses up the available oxygen very quickly and needs more energy sources to maintain increased performance. If there is not enough oxygen in the blood, the cells need will switch to oxygen-free (anaerobic) metabolism mode. In this case, it dissolves sugar with acid fermentation, instead of burning. This fermentation takes place in an anaerobic environment, which disturbs the normal metabolic processes of the cell and production of lactic acid begins. Degradation lactic acid also takes place in the liver, in the presence of oxygen. Therefore, oxygen is the alpha and omega of all metabolic processes.

By consuming one liter of oxygen, the body releases approximately 20 kilojoules of energy (5 kcal) from nutrients containing energy (in case of general, mixed nutrition).

At a load of more than 1.5-2 liters per minute, the given activity can only be performed for 1-2 minutes. 

If we are able to deliver more oxygen to our body, we can experience the following benefits durings sports: 

  • The performance of the organism increases
  • After training, the body regenerates much sooner
  • Muscle fever does not develop so quickly and to such an extent

When the body gets the necessary amount of oxygen, its effects are immediately felt. The energy level increases, the metabolism and the condition of the nervous system improves, mental activity becomes more productive, thereby making the mood even more relaxed. Refreshment and momentum will be experienced. By itself, this will increase performance, be it about sports or intellectual work.


Good to know:

  • There are several types of portable oxygen concentrator available to users about which it is worth to request information before renting or purchasing:
  • not all devices can produce 90-95% oxygen purity, some of them only have a capacity of 40-45%
  • the warranty is limited in many cases, applies only to the device itself, and the warranty period may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (1, 2, 3, ... 5 years)
  • not all devices have a service network in Hungary, and the potential failure or maintenance may take a longer period of time
  • it is worthwhile to pay attention also to the maintenance of the devices and the associated cost; in many of the devices, it is recommended to replace the filter cartridge annually, the financial burden of which may be borne by the lessee or buyer

The information described above are for informational purposes only and may vary by device type! Therefore, for the exact data, please contact the Hungarian manufacturer or distributor of the given product.

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