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Strengthening of the immune system

There is no life without oxygen. It is a fundamental element of the 37.2 trillion cells of the human body. The functioning of the body is based on the presence of oxygen. Almost everything, from brain activity to the neutralization of toxic substances, from the ability to sense to thinking.

Nearly 1/3 of people of our age are struggling with the lack of oxygen, but many of them do not even know it, nor do they perceive it because the respiratory system and the cardiac output are amazingly able to adapt to this (to a certain extent).

There are many free radicals in the human body. There are some that we bring in from outside and there are some that are created in our bodies. But what is a free radical and whether or not it is good at all that we have it?

Free radicals are actually positive ions that have oxidation capabilities. There are some of them that serve the body’s healthy functioning (they kill microbes together with immune cells) and there are also some with harmful effects (hydroxyl radicals), which we cannot utilize and break down in any form.

The hydroxyl radicals are one of the inherent pitfalls of our today’s rushing life, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle and increased stress. Unfortunately, these harmful radicals can lead to various chronic diseases, damage the structure of the DNA, and by destroying nerve cells they may cause memory disorders or even Alzheimer’s disease, furthermore, may accelerate aging, and last but not least, they may be carcinogenic.

Oxygen binds these free radicals, thereby helping the functioning of the immune system (elimination of anaerobic microorganisms) and prevents any negative physiological processes that make our immune system vulnerable. Air pollution and tobacco smoke as a civilization problem, and respiratory failure due to these causes can all be reduced. Of course, the rise of oxygen level in the human body also results in more efficient functioning of the cells, thus the vitamins, minerals, amino acids can be absorbed in higher concentrations, thus exerting their effects even better.

Good to know:

There are several types of portable oxygen concentrator available to users about which it is worth to request information before renting or purchasing:

  • not all devices can produce 90-95% oxygen purity, some of them only have a capacity of 40-45%
  • the warranty is limited in many cases, applies only to the device itself, and the warranty period may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (1, 2, 3, ... 5 years)
  • not all devices have a service network in Hungary, and the potential failure or maintenance may take a longer period of time
  • it is worthwhile to pay attention also to the maintenance of the devices and the associated cost; in many of the devices, it is recommended to replace the filter cartridge annually, the financial burden of which may be borne by the lessee or buyer


The information described above are for informational purposes only and may vary by device type! Therefore, for the exact data, please contact the Hungarian manufacturer or distributor of the given product.

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