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Nowadays, in Hungary people experience headaches very often. Thereof, currently about one million people suffer from regular migraine headaches that affect women 3x more often than men. Most headaches are caused by cerebral circuulation disorder. For example, the collection of symptoms preceding migraine develops on the surface of partial micro-occlusions. 

It may sound incredible but the amount of blood flowing through the cerebral vessels is reduced by 25% in such cases, so the oxygen supply to the brain is also deficient. Our brain uses 20% of the amount of oxygen inhaled.

There is no need to emphasize the significance of oxygen’s importance for the brain cells (the total number of our cells is 37.2 trillion, of which 86 billion are brain cells), just think about infants with oxygen deficiency around their birth, or during an accident, if we do not start providing artificial reanimation in time, but do not go far, let’s see what is happening in an overcrowded office if not ventilated. How could we expect ourselves in such a case to perform well at school, at work, during workout or at home with the family.

A study by a London team of researchers made it clear how beneficial oxygen is for headache. The study was carried out with randomized ranking among patients (study and control groups). The effect of 100% oxygen was compared with placebo (air). At 78% of patients receiving oxygen, headache has ceased or become reduced to a tolerable level, while in the air-treated group, it was typical only at 20%.

No undesirable or severe side effects were seen in any of the groups. (Source: JAMA 2009; 302:2451-2457).

As a result of oxygen, blood circulation and the oxygen supply of capillaries improves, which can prevent stroke or heart attack, which can occur even in case of high blood pressure.  Since the lack of oxygen is responsible for the pain occurring upon the sclerosis of the coronary arteries of the heart, raising oxygen level can also provide a solution to these problems.

Good to know:

There are several types of portable oxygen concentrator available to users about which it is worth to request information before renting or purchasing:

  • not all devices can produce 90-95% oxygen purity, some of them only have a capacity of 40-45%
  • the warranty is limited in many cases, applies only to the device itself, and the warranty period may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (1, 2, 3, ... 5 years)
  • not all devices have a service network in Hungary, and the potential failure or maintenance may take a longer period of time
  • it is worthwhile to pay attention also to the maintenance of the devices and the associated cost; in many of the devices, it is recommended to replace the filter cartridge annually, the financial burden of which may be borne by the lessee or buyer


The information described above are for informational purposes only and may vary by device type! Therefore, for the exact data, please contact the Hungarian manufacturer or distributor of the given product.

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